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Summer Body Loading...

Just a week ago, I had dinner with my brother, and he exclaimed how much I had changed physically. He stated and I quote “Eh you’re really shrinking, Ndabi.” This wasn’t the first time I had heard this. In fact, in the last few weeks, several people have been commenting the same sentiments. Many of the people I’ve had this conversation with have been curious to know how much weight I’ve lost. They state their curiosity with “Ariko ugomba kuba warataye ibiro byinshi.” Which can be loosely translated as “You must have lost a lot of weight."

Before I get into that, let me take you back bit to when I first started out. The amount of weight I had to lose seemed like an overwhelming mountain. I would constantly ask myself how I will be able to lose that much weight. I had and still have to weigh out what seems like equally important tasks. For example, should I use the next 1 hour playing with my little girl, hanging out with my husband, catching up with a friend or working out? The decision became even more difficult to make when I returned to work, in February. Over the last few months, I’ve used whatever time I can to work out. Whether it was early in the morning, lunch time or late in the evening. I committed to pushing myself and it has really paid off. I can proudly say that I’ve made progress. I’ve managed to shed 3kgs over the last 5 months.

(cue in happy dance).

You might be wondering what changed. Well, it’s all in my diet. Yes, I know, you’ve heard it a million times, but it truly is the key to weight loss.

I do, however, want to emphasize that it's important not to completely restrict yourself. It should be about finding a balance and incorporating a healthy lifestyle that includes the occasional indulgences.

For instance, I still enjoy pastries and fried food once a week (shh, don't tell the Terminator 😅). It's about moderation and making sustainable choices. After all, we want this to be a long-term lifestyle change, not just a temporary one.

In the last 5 months I've also dropped a few goals. Let me explain.

Remember the little debate I had in my previous blog (If you haven’t read it, go and do so 😊)? I debated whether the number on the scale really mattered. As you can see, physically I look like I’ve lost more than 3kgs. Well, I’ve since changed my goal to getting stronger and fitter. I've dropped the "lose weight in 9 months and fit back into my clothes" goal. Don't get me wrong, I would like to fit into my clothes, but maybe it’s time to embrace my new size and a new wardrobe. Because, truly what if I don’t get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I am stronger and fitter, does it mean I failed? Nope! If anything, it has taught me to focus on the bigger picture: Leading a healthier lifestyle.

So, here’s to a successful 5 months of consistency and to even better months ahead. 🥂

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and remember, it's never too late to start your own journey to a healthier you. Stay tuned for more updates as Summer Body Loading continues! Murabeho!

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